Gary E. Borodic, MD

Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School,
Medical Director Associate Eye Physicians and Surgeons, Inc


Extensive Experience in Ophthalmology, Surgery and Botulinum Toxin

Dr. Borodic has had extensive experience in the surgery of eye and eyelids and related structures. He has performed over 10,000 eyelid operations throughout his career and continues to be an active surgeon for both and therapeutic and rejuvenation procedures. He has served as Chief resident at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and has maintained an active staff appoint and surgeon for more than 30 years. He is the principle author of textbook Atlas of Eyelid Surgery. He has served as an editorial reviewer of numerous articles on many aspects of surgery of the lids and surrounding facial structures. Particular focus has been cataract surgery, lid surgery, removal of tumors of the lids and the treatment of certain neurological diseases involving the face including paralysis and facial movement diseases.

Dr. Borodic also maintains a full scale practice in Ophthalmology which integrates well with other accomplished colleagues within the realm of the Harvard Ophthalmology service. Contributions have been made in the area of discovery of new therapy as well as perfections of botulinum toxin technology to eyelid and related disorders. He has also published many chapters and books on this subject matter, received numerous patents and continues an active career in development of novel improved and safer techniques. He has served as a consultant to Johnson & Johnson on matters related to botulinum toxin and continues to work extensively in this area. Dr. Borodic has also pioneered certain issues relating to increased safety associated with cataract surgery. 

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