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Migraine and Tension Headache Therapy

Recently, the United States FDA has approved botulinum toxin for the use in chronic migraine. Chronic migraine consists of a condition characterized by episodic migraine headaches (sick headache with nausea), usually two to four per month, accompanied by chronic tension headaches occurring with a frequency of over 15 headache days per month.  The word “chronic migraine” is synonymous with migraine with chronic daily headache.  This condition has been shown to be managed effectively using botulinum toxin using a number of quality of life and pain scales throughout the literature in controlled trials.  The adjunct of botulinum toxin for the treatment of headache is particularly advantageous considering the lack of systemic side effects of botulinum toxin when used at dosing ranges advocated for this indication.

Although it does involve a small needle prick, the use of the toxin often is associated with no substantial facial disfigurement or in fact in some situations improved facial configuration, from the cosmetic effects of botulinum toxin.

This application will serve to be very useful in the treatment of human headache disorders in the future and can be even extended to certain other headache disorders that are essentially considered off label or not consistent with the diagnosis of migraine.

Dr. Borodic has worked on publishing this for years and would be happy to discuss this in any further detail.

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