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Premium Intra Ocular Lens Services through Associated Eye Physicians and Surgeons:

toric-lens-multiDr. Borodic has 30 years experience in conducting cataract surgery. An intra ocular lens is almost always used. Today, the option is now available to correct astigmatism and to provide distance and reading vision through the use of specialty intra-ocular lens implants, recently developed by Alcon and other companies.

Generally the toric intra ocular lens has been a champion devise for restoring a better optical result from cataract surgery in patients with pre- existing astigmatism. The surgery performed is almost similar to the use of the conventional lens implant with limited added risk but substantial benefit.

Multifocal lens implants (Restor-TM, Technis TM) do offer a capability to achieve distance and near vision for each eye, however, patient selection is important as well as a careful assessment by the surgeon and patient of the patients visual requirements is necessary as certain limitations and trade off is operational with this type of lens implant .

All patients undergoing these procedures should be at least knowledgeable of the therapeutic options and should review the therapeutic options with Dr. Borodic.

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