Surgeon in Ophthalmology, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary,

Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard Medical School

Medical Director Associate Eye Physicians and Surgeons, Inc

Eye Surgery

Dr. Borodic is a surgeon in Ophthalmology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and has practiced at the Infirmary on the active staff since 1984. He has performed surgical procedures on about a weekly basis for decades and is subspecialty trained in oculoplastic surgery. He performs modern cataract surgery as well as many other types of anterior segment eye surgery.  He is fully aware of the resources in the Boston community with respect to surgical and medical services.

Dr. Borodic has served as trauma division director at Massachusetts Eye and Ear early in his career and has helped co-found the facial nerve clinical at the Infirmary.  He has been the principal author on one textbook of eyelid surgery and has contributed to many others.

He has taught in many cataract surgery courses in his career and has made contributions on the safety of the anesthetics used for conducting the basic cataract operation.

Dr. Borodic uses modern intra-ocular lens techniques including multifocal lens, toric lens and intra operative astigmatic assessments. He conducts laser vision correction in association with implant surgery or as an independent procedure. 

He has special interests also in surgical management of thyroid disease, drooping lids (ptosis), reconstruction of eyelids, congenital malformations, tumor management and tear duct abnormalities. 

Gary E. Borodic. MD

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